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The meeting of Livingstone and Stanley in Central Africa. By G. Durand (after Henry Morton Stanley). Wood engraving, The Graphic, 3 August 1872. National Portrait Gallery London.

… I pushed back the crowds, and, passing from the rear, walked down a living avenue of people until I came in front of the semicircle of Arabs, in the front of which stood the white man with the grey beard. As I advanced slowly towards him, I noticed he was pale, looked wearied, had a grey beard, wore a bluish cap with a faded gold band round it, had on a red‑sleeved waistcoat and a pair of grey tweed trousers. I would have run to him, only I was a coward in the presence of such a mob ‑ would have embraced him, only he being an Englishman, I did not know how he would receive me; so I did what cowardice and false pride suggested was the best thing ‑ walked deliberately to him, took off my hat, and said:
‘Dr. Livingstone, I presume?’
‘Yes’, said he, with a kind smile, lifting his cap slightly.
I replace my hat on my head, and he puts on his cap, and we both grasp hands, and then I say aloud:
‘I thank God, Doctor, I have been permitted to see you.’ He answered, ‘I feel thankful that I am here to welcome you.’

This famous event probably took place on 27 October 1871; Stanley’s calculation of the date was upset by a severe bout of fever.
Bron: Internet Modern History Sourcebook

NB Stanley heeft de ontmoeting verschillende malen beschreven. Deze beschrijving komt niet overeen met zijn artikel d.d. 10 augustus 1872, want dat eindigt met de beroemde woorden Dr. Livingstone, I presume? (zie Basisboek Journalistiek, hoofdstuk 11) 

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